How young people explore the world of work – An Evaluation of the GoTeach partnership

Teach For All network and DHL Group

Co-creation and dissemination of a story-based Sprockler inquiry, collection both qualitative and quantitative information among students (generally aged between 14-17 years old). 578 students from 8 Teach for All network partners in Argentina, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Peru, Spain, and Sweden responded and shared a story about their experiences with the GoTeach programme.

For more than a decade, the DHL Group and Teach For All have worked together under DHL’s GoTeach program, which aims to empower young people to attain the employability skills necessary to live an independent life. In 2019, the two organizations engaged in a two-year evaluation to learn more about the added value of the GoTeach partnership for children and young people involved in the activities organized by Teach For All network partners and DHL volunteers.

The program supports young people in exploring the world of work, through personal and professional skills training, workshops, mentoring, and site visit (co-)facilitated by DHL-employees (volunteers). The evaluation was conducted by Donatien de Graaff and Nele Blommestein.

Getting started with co-creation

Representatives from 4 Teach For All network partners engaged with the evaluators in a fruitful co-creation of the story-based Sprockler inquiry for students. This inquiry contained open-ended story-based questions, followed by (multiple-response) questions used to further qualify and interpret the experiences. The inquiry was translated and disseminated world-wide and yielded responses from 8 countries. The responses were mostly collected online, but in some cases interviewers were also used. The subsequent in-depth content analysis and quantitative data analysis, followed by insightful sense-making dialogue calls with Teach for All representatives involved in the programme activities, led to the final report.


The evaluation supports the importance and relevance of orientating young people on their professional ambitions. Furthermore, the findings clearly show the added value of the GoTeach programme- as the students who answered the open question regarding what they learned that is useful to them - without any steer mentioned topics that all closely correspond to the planned outcomes in the GoTeach framework. Also, when directly asked to rate the GoTeach outcomes, students consistently selected multiple outcomes, indicating that the GoTeach outcomes aimed for are acknowledged and relevant to them.

What Stood Out

Donatien tells us about what inspired her during this Sprockler process:

From the in-depth content analysis, it was fascinating to learn about the differences between students in terms of expectations about their future, professional and personal ambitions, and decision making processes about these topics.- and especially how the GoTeach volunteers inspired them to think all that.

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