World Water Week and story collection for the Lazos de Agua programme

One Drop Foundation has been working with Sprockler and our team since 2019. In 2020 One Drop staff and partners from the Lazos de Agua programme, which is implemented in Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Paraguay, received training and together with Marjolein Kok and Lisette Gast also developed and implemented a Sprockler inquiry to assess the effects of the Social Arts for Behaviour Change ™ in communities.

Community members have been interviewed in each country to learn from their experiences and immediate and potential longer-term effects thanks to their participation in the activities. The interactive report can be viewed here:

One Drop Foundation presented their Sprockler, Lazos de Agua and other monitoring and evaluation experiences during the World Water Week this August. Ernenek Durán, Lazos de Agua Program Director and Raïsa Mirza, Innovation and Knowledge Director and other practitioners shared their experiences applying inclusive and mixed-methods tracking WASH and behavioural outcomes. Lessons shared reflected on meaningful involvement of respondents and on overcoming practical hurdles in evaluating complex multi-stakeholder interventions through the implementation of household and service surveys, external evaluations, and story-based inquiries. You can read more about One Drop’s involvement in World Water Week here:

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