Watching trends in organizational design with Alternatives Conseil

Marine Allein, project manager and executive coach at Alternatives Conseil, shares her experiences using the Sprockler tool.

“At Alternatives Conseil, we use organisational design to improve the governance process of managerial communities. Sometimes, we need to “take the pulse” of the executive teams we work with, to measure how much their user experience has changed throughout the organisational experimentation.

We used the Sprockler tool to conduct a short survey with the executive teams. The survey mixed one-third of open questions and two-thirds of single and multiple-choice questions to help us watch trends. The goal of the survey is to lighten the quantitative results with the qualitative data collected thanks to semi-discursive analysis.

I liked how quick we can visualize the results for most of the simple questions. This saved me time to make more in-depth statistical analyses and draw comparisons between some criteria.

Through the survey, we gathered encouraging feedback that shows that the experimental changes made should be extended. Moreover, we identified where the main axes of progress are that we can work on. We also learned that, despite an overall tiredness due to the COVID-crisis, the team’s dynamic is profoundly improving.”

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