Bo Yi Academy evaluates their courses with Sprockler

Bo Yi Academy trains students to become therapists in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This includes Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Tuina. As youngest school on the market, we set ourselves the goal of raising the level of Chinese medicine in the Netherlands. Part of this was a system accreditation on the applied sciences level with the Netherlands Register of Trainings Foundation (SNRO), an independent institute for quality assurance of (vocational) courses in private education. As part of the quality assurance plan, we have integrated evaluations with Sprockler into our organization. The SNRO was deeply impressed by this. Bo Yi Academy is currently the only school in this sector with this system accreditation.

Apart from being useful for the accreditation, we highly value the continuous improvement of our courses. Students take turns evaluating lessons, internship days and training courses. In these evaluations, it is mainly the stories of the students that are particularly interesting to us. Among other things, we can view the evaluations per training course, per year or per teacher.

In this way, Sprockler made us realize last year that a few teachers scored slightly less high on matters such as stimulating critical reflection on the subject matter, structure of the lessons and interaction with the students. It turned out that these were mainly those teachers who had not been teaching for a long time. With this information, we were able to provide specific guidance and training for our teachers.

One of things we noticed last year because of the ‘Word clouds’ generated by Sprockler, was that the Dutch word ‘veel’ (a lot) was frequently used in the evaluations. Triggered by this, we isolated all the phrases with the word ‘veel’ and came to the following conclusion: our students generally experience that they have to do a lot for their courses, but on the other hand this also bring them a lot.

The amount of course material is indeed high. It is not for nothing that our standards are the same as those for schools of applied sciences. We set the bar high. Those transferring from other schools often experience that they have to catch up in terms of knowledge and skills. On the other side, we offer our students maximum support to learn the amount of material as easily as possible. We do this through an online study environment with mini lectures, instruction videos and an extensive question base. The result is that a lot is learned and that the level of our students is high. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best possible therapists.

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