Addressing Root Causes in Burundi and Pakistan with Oxfam Novib

Sprockler was used to conduct a baseline at the start of Oxfam Novib’s programmes in Pakistan and Burundi. Both programmes are financed by the Addressing Root Causes (ARC) fund of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In Pakistan, they wanted to get a better understanding of the ways vulnerable citizens access the justice system (or not). In Burundi, the general sense of safety was investigated, as well as the risks for youth, and how communities are coming to terms with the violent past.

Story-based baseline

In February 2017 local partner organisations started to collect stories in Pakistan and Burundi.

In Burundi, 255 people were asked to share a story. Interviews were carried out with targeted community members, youth and authorities. In Pakistan 451 people were asked to share a story, spread out over the three target provinces.

Afterwards, each storyteller answered clarifying questions that allow larger patterns to emerge once all stories are collected.


Since conflict sensitivity is an important issue in Burundi and Pakistan, the interactive reports are not available publically. Sprockler is however addressing conflict sensitivity by stimulating a safe environment for storytellers during data collection.

Sharing stories is often an empowering experience for respondents, and therefore a way of collecting data that is respectful towards people that live in difficult circumstances like in Burundi and Pakistan.

Stine Chen, Oxfam Novib MEL advisor responsible for the ARC programmes:
“Through the combination of stories and follow up questions we were able to gain nuanced insight to the complex reality of the story tellers, and understand how our programmes best can be adapted to respond to the local needs.”

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