Movisie embraces Sprockler

Movisie is the Dutch national knowledge institute on comprehensive approaches to social challenges. It develops and implements knowledge of what really works well in the social domain. To boost sustainable positive change in the lives of people. The social domain is continually changing, resulting in different relationships between governments, professionals and citizens. They need knowledge that works in a changing society.

After a careful selection process, Movisie has selected Sprockler as their methodology for narrative research. In municipalities, the gap between citizens and politicians is big, with one side wanting to be heard and the other side wanting to hear the other. Sprockler can help bridge that gap, by making relevant stories of citizens available and by providing quantitative data to policy makers.

A first batch of Movisie researchers and advisers has been trained in November-December 2018 and a second batch is trained in February-March 2019. Sprockler is included in various national and European calls for proposals. Updates on specific projects will follow soon.

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