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Spring House (SH) is a community for innovators alongside the river IJ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A place to work, a lab and a platform with over 200 members who inspire each other and sometimes collaborate. They share a desire for a more social and sustainable world and want to be a catalyst for positive change.

Spring House just turned 3 years old and they are curious about how members and visitors experience the place until now, as well as, how they envision shaping of the coming 3 years together. Spring House thus asked Perspectivity, a member since 2 years, to collect stories and experiences during the SH birthday party on September 1, 2018.

“Spring House is a place where a lot is possible. Where tough or sensitive topics can be discussed and not everybody has to agree with each other, but where each opinion is respected.”

Perspectivity colleagues Petra and Marjolein designed a questionnaire together with other members of Spring House and organised various story collection and interpretation sessions. The results are published on an interactive website, which can be visited here.

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Photo by Dustin Thierry

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