The future of Dutch development cooperation

How can Dutch development organisations adequately prepare themselves for different future scenarios? And what can they do to realise their desired future?

These were the central questions of the future exploration of the development cooperation sector initiated by The Spindle, the innovation platform of Partos - membership organisation for development cooperation - in collaboration with Perspectivity and Sprockler.

The Future Exploration started in november 2017 with a Sprockler inquiry. More than 100 anonymous professionals working in development cooperation shared their experiences that predict something for the future. Their stories were collected through Sprockler. From this, relevant trends and insecurities were distilled and used as input for the transformative scenario planning project that followed.

The stories and the ‘story of stories’ can be read and listened to here.

During this scenario planning project, we explored how Dutch development cooperation organisations can prepare themselves for the future. We asked ourselves: what will the future look like and what kind of influence does this have on the dynamics and strategies of different actors in our field of work? How can we prepare for the uncertain future

Based on the four scenarios we visualised ‘A future we want’. A regenerative society with care for social needs and planetary boundaries.

The video below gives an impression of the fourth session ‘Exploring a future we want’:

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