Sprockler and Outcome Harvesting

Sprockler and Outcome Harvesting both embrace complexity. They aim to understand the process of change. Both are suitable to evaluate interventions where relations of cause and effect are not fully understood and are difficult to measure. Sprockler reveals patterns and trends according to the opinions of respondents. Outcome Harvesting enables the formulation of outcome statements that are observable by others, and explains relevance and contribution.

By combining Sprockler and Outcome Harvesting we can get a complete picture of the observable AND non-observable effects of the project. It allows us to listen to project participants AND project implementers.

Sprockler consultants piloted the combination of Sprockler and Outcome Harvesting for Oxfam Novib’s Citizens First project. First, Sprockler stories were collected and used to find trends and patterns. Then, outcomes statements were written based on the rich base of information provided by Sprockler.

By collecting both Sprockler stories and harvesting outcomes, Oxfam Novib was able to identify how people’s experiences and perceptions are connected to the outcomes of the project.

Interested in learning more about the combination of Sprockler and Outcome Harvesting, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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