Municipality of Maastricht assesses Youth Social Services

How is it going with child social services since the decentralisations in the social domain and the introduction of the Tailored Education Act (Wet Passend Onderwijs)?

The municipal council of Maastricht wants get a better grip on the effects these large-scale changes have in practice. They ask Perspectivity to facilitate a session about this topic for the whole city.

Because of the complexity of the issue – there are many different actors and activities that mutually influence each other – Perspectivity advises to use the Sprockler tool to collect stories as a basis for a multi-stakeholder dialogue.

“I thought that this was a very special evening. It was beautiful to see how so many people try to get closer together. To understand what is going on and what still has to be done. I hope there will be a part two.” Mieke Damsma, Wethouder Onderwijs & Jeugdzorg

Youth, parents, teachers, social workers, policy makers and administrators share their experiences in pairs. By quantifying the stories, patterns become visible. By interpreting their meaning together, shared insights arise about the current situation and its possibilities for improvement.

The stories are collected and interpreted through Sprockler.

More info: contact Lisette Gast

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