Sprockler in Northern Ireland

Rani Temmink shares her SPROCKLER story. Rani has been an intern for SPROCKLER’s mother organization Perspectivity for a few months and used SPROCKLER in her bachelor’s dissertation. Here is her story:

“The past month I was invited by Perspectivity’s member Michael Donnelly to come to Northern Ireland to do research on the effects of community development on social cohesion for my bachelor’s dissertation. Having heard a lot about SPROCKLER as a former intern, I decided to use it to collect stories of citizens on my dissertation topic.

I went around the neighbourhood, knocking on people’s doors and asked if I could use a few minutes of their time to sit down and answer a few questions. Most people were very friendly and interested in my research. With the app downloaded on my tablet, I was able to easily fill in the survey that I had created online with them. The new way of presenting questions was different for some, however, the visualization of it was clear and people knew what was asked of them.

Personally, I like how easy it is to use. I like the choice of different questions that you can make according to the aim of your question and the topic you are looking to collect answers about. It is easily accessible on a tablet and it is great that you do not need a Wi-Fi or network connection while collecting data; I could upload them once I had a Wi-Fi connection with just one click.

Once all the experiences were collected, the app combined all the answers in an organized and visualized manner so I could easily make sense of them. I was able to show these graphs in a small community meeting which made it comprehensible for all.

Overall, I am happy that I chose this app for my research. I would definitely recommend using it if you are seeking to try something new, as it is fun for the interviewer as well as the interviewee.”

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