SPROCKLER in South Sudan, Palestine and Brazil

The SPROCKLER approach is currently being explored in several of Perspectivity’s projects. Perspectivity used it for example in South Sudan and Palestine and in a project with AVICRES Brazil.

The use of the approach with a group of local illiterate women and youth proved that this approach provides an opportunity to discover patterns that is so easy that the respondents were immediately able to detect them without any prior training.

One of the most striking examples is the use of the approach with a group of women from a local community near Wau, South Sudan. These women participated in a project focussing on women’s role in peace processes. After the process, the planned evaluation needed to be another moment to meet and create further momentum for change.

The women were all illiterate and they were very capable of plotting their responses to the posed questions in bipole and tripole form. The women felt pride in their accomplishment and immediately had the possibility to reflect on the patterns without any complicated statistical analysis.

Was it all that easy? No, using this approach might take longer and require a bit more patience and the help of a facilitator was needed in this case. But, by proving that we take their voices seriously all the way, it makes us not only behave congruently, but also proves that it can be done, especially with this intuitive approach.

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