Meaning mapper framework – Get to know our poles!

Stories provide detailed and context-rich information. The challenge is, however, how to analyse these stories accurately. They are full of nuances that are not immediately obvious. SPROCKLER makes use of a meaning mapper framework. This framework asks the people sharing the stories to interpret their own stories, decreasing the chances of misinterpretation. The storyteller shares and interprets the story and so maps the meaning behind the story. There is no need for outside analysts. Also, because the storyteller is the only one interpreting the story the feelings of ownership and responsibility storytellers have over their stories is enhanced. This is useful for strengthening adaptive learning.

The mapping is done through a set of specific questions that ask about the context of the story shared. The questions are designed to aid self-interpretation and to gain instinctive and intuitive responses. Examples of such questions are bipoles and tripoles such as below, for more information click here. The quantitative data these questions provide provides a complete picture of emerging trends and patterns in combination with the qualitative data of the stories themselves. Because of the specifically designed questions and the lower risk of misinterpretation, the data are more accurate and it thus becomes easier to make sense of what is going on in the world.

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