SPROCKLER Applications

SPROCKLER is different from traditional surveying, polling or research tools. We believe it will give you results that are more owned, are deeper and more informative, because of how we have managed to materialise our principles and philosophy into our tools and services.

Having said that, you can use SPROCKLER for applications such as:

Measure project impact, investigate customer satisfaction, discover pockets of innovation, evaluate training, assess a community need, study a factory safety, do academic research, test a new product, or any of the other many applications.

But if you are up to to it, you can also use it for meta purposes (in times of uncertainty and rapid change):

Explore risks, analyse new trends, probe for readiness, follow a movement, build evidence, substantiate a policy, prepare for critical interventions, investigate what is emerging.


We are working in with a variety of sectors, countries and organisations. They all have their own characteristics and dynamics. We are presenting a few selected cases to you. They will give you some sense of what is possible. Most likely your case is different. Get in touch if you want to explore your own special needs.

Example Case Studies available for download: