SPROCKLER – decision making, significant research, adaptive learning

From words to wisdom, from stories to statistics

Create story-based inquiries • Collect actual experiences • Generate meaningful data

SPROCKLER exists to be meaningful in any complex setting and to be accessible
in terms of data, usage and costs for every organisation on the planet.

How it works

1 Design your inquiry by designing the right questions and using bipoles, tripoles, picture pointers and more

2 Collect stories online or offline, using mobile devices or web browsers, as written text or via audio recording

3 Analyse and present collected stories easily with the fully integrated visualizer for automated data processing

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How young people explore the world of work – An Evaluation of the GoTeach partnership

Co-creation and dissemination of a story-based Sprockler inquiry, collection both qualitative and quantitative information among students… >>

Sprockler Training 2023

Introduction to the principles and development of the philosophy and approach and link to other approaches, methods and tools… >>

World Water Week and story collection for the Lazos de Agua programme

One Drop Foundation has been working with Sprockler and our team since 2019. In 2020 One Drop staff and partners from the Lazos de Agua programme received training and developed a Sprockler inquiry… >>

Watching trends in organizational design with Alternatives Conseil

Marine Allein, project manager and executive coach at Alternatives Conseil, shares her experiences using the Sprockler tool… >>

A story has its own purpose and its path. It must be told correctly for it to be understood.

Marcus Sedgwick