The future of Dutch development cooperation

How can Dutch development organisations adequately prepare themselves for different future scenarios? And what can they do to realise their desired future?… >>

Open Sprockler training: What do you really want to know?

The first open Sprockler training has taken place. On the 23rd of March 2018, about 15 Sprockler enthusiasts got together for a whole day of Sprockler training… >>

World-class professionals in Indonesian coastal zone and water management

A consortium of Dutch partners is working together with the Indonesian universities Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) in Surabaya and the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) to improve the curricula in the area of water, specifically in integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) and integrated water resource management.… >>

Mozambican Seed and Water Sectors go Sprockler

Various organisations and consortia working in the seed and water sector in Mozambique have started to use Sprockler to collect stories and data and make sense of their complex settings.… >>

Positive Impact of Hotel con Corazón’s educational programmes in Nicaragua

Foundation Hotel con Corazón is a social enterprise in Granada in Nicaragua. It is a hotel that invests 100% of its profits in local education.… >>

Learning by sharing stories about participation in Amsterdam

Perspectivity has facilitated a series of social labs ‘Meedoen Werkt’ (Participation Works) at the end of 2015 where the whole stakeholder field came together to ensure that more Amsterdammers.… >>

Sprockler and Outcome Harvesting

Sprockler and Outcome Harvesting both embrace complexity. They aim to understand the process of change.… >>

Piloting Knowledge Retention Approach at Eneco

Imagine a very technical organization where the majority of the employees is over 50 years old… >>

Collecting Stories with Caritas in Upper Egypt

During the last presidential elections, some men came up to me and told me “Here is some money and I will vote for you”… >>

Municipality of Maastricht assesses Youth Social Services

How is it going with child social services since the decentralisations in the social domain and the introduction of the Tailored Education Act… >>

Sprockler at Border Sessions Festival

In July, Lisette Gast was invited by Border Sessions, the international festival on technology and society in The Hague, to speak about Sprockler and its innovative approach to data.… >>

Good governance in Afghanistan and Pakistan – Oxfam Novib

Citizens First is a programme organised by Oxfam Novib contributing to human security and good governance in Afghanistan and Pakistan.… >>

U4 European University Network Academic Leadership Programme

The U4 Network is a strategic partnership between the universities of Groningen (the Netherlands), Ghent (Belgium), Uppsala (Sweden) and Göttingen (Germany).… >>

Young Leaders for Human Security Sprockler Training

This year, Human Security Collective has set up the Young Leaders for Human Security Programme.… >>

Sprockler Evaluates Media Development Conference in Bonn

In October, Perspectivity’s storytelling tool Sprockler was invited to speak at the 2015 Forum Media and Development (FoME) Symposium… >>

Sprockler in Northern Ireland

Rani Temmink shares her SPROCKLER story. Rani has been an intern for SPROCKLER’s mother organization Perspectivity for a few months… >>

Training Complexity and Adaptive Learning

COMING UP SOON: Training on Complexity and Adaptive Learning. Having problems with the execution of evaluation in your company? >>

SPROCKLER in South Sudan, Palestine and Brazil

The SPROCKLER approach is currently being explored in several of Perspectivity’s projects. For example, it is used in Cordaid’s Barometer for Local Women’s Peace and Security and in a project with AVICRES Brazil. >>

Collector App for mobile devices

A new version has just been released for our Android Collector App. We fixed some bugs and enhanced our looks. Test it out now! >>

Meaning mapper framework – Get to know our poles!

Stories provide detailed and context-rich information. The challenge is, however, how to analyse these stories accurately. They are full of nuances that are not immediately obvious. >>